An interview with Karl Ove Knausgaard Some thoughts on Punch Drunk’s The Drowned Man Cartographies of Sound Welcome

Three poems by Lana Bella

              BENEATH THE TABLE beneath the table she works the tip of her needle through the jacket’s hole and into her flesh stretching the […]

Charles Bukowksi

Panhandling the ocean with Bukowski’s double

Originall published on Ready Steady Book I have always read poetry, since I began reading poetry in any notable volume, in a manner analogous in my mind to the panhandling […]

Bayeaux Tapestry

Philip Terry’s tapestry – review

materialities of myth By Daniel Fraser. Philip Terry, tapestry, Reality Street, 2013   ‘Wanted: a needle swift enough to sew this poem into a blanket.’ — Charles Simic Storytelling, myth, […]

Anselm Kiefer (image from the Guardian)

Notes on Anselm Kiefer’s talk at the Royal Academy

The talk is at 8.30am. I arrive just before 8, there is already a crowd. We are kept in an odd holding chamber. There are people in uniforms but no […]

The Design and Detail of the Space between Buildings

The Design and Detail of the Space between Buildings

Design and detail of the space between buildings is an architectural manual which offers practical advice on everything from paving materials to bollard construction, cement composition to concrete formation. It’s […]


The light behind the bookshelves: an interview with Karl Ove Knausgaard

Originally hosted on 3:AM The light behind the bookshelves Karl Ove Knausgaard interviewed by Daniel Fraser.   Karl Ove Knausgaard‘s first novel, Out of the World, was the first ever debut novel to […]

The Grand Budapest Hotel

GBH: The Grand Budapest Hotel, Stefan Zweig and the violence against cinema

In many ways I should have been in the perfect frame of mind to experience The Grand Budapest Hotel (Wes Anderson, 2014), I saw the film as part of the […]

Imre Kertesz

Imre Kertesz Music Silence Automutilation

Originally published on the Quietus  Imre Kertész: Music, Silence, Automation Daniel Fraser , August 18th, 2013 03:46 Coinciding with the release of his first (and apparently only) memoir,Dossier K, earlier this […]

House of Leaves

House of Leaves, postmodernism and the administration of fear

In his recent piece on the administration of fear, Mark Thwaite asks whether “The Ministry of Fear is not just the name of a novel but a name for what […]

Frida Kahlo's Girl with a Death Mask

Some thoughts on Punch Drunk’s “The Drowned Man”

Off at Paddington. Bright cold evening light. The map takes us between factories, a hospital, rows of garage shutters and red brick. Already the silence has hit us. We joke […]

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